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The Best Things in Life Really are Free!

The community of innovators and design thinkers have set the bar (high!) as they generously share their robust innovation tools and road maps free of charge, shunning the notion “you get what you pay for”.  Some of the most exhaustive materials on design thinking I refer to time and time again are:


IDEO’s Human Centred Design Toolkit

  • Geared for nonprofits and social enterprises, this user centric and empathic approach to innovation is just as relevant for today’s businesses and its customers


Stanford Design School’s Bootcamp Bootleg Toolkit

  • Illustrating the key steps of design thinking with plenty of practical tips to successfully execute each step


Frog Design’s Aging by Design Innovation Action Map

  • Focusing on the needs and lifestyles of those 50 years and better, a compilation of insights and activities are provided for other organizations to use to uncover opportunities for helping the aging


Check out these resources and let me know which ones worked best for you and why!


This is a creative commons image courtesy of Jesslee Cuzlon

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